Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Canapes and Nibbles

While I eagerly aimed to post a delicious recipe or two during the month of May, I had the great fortune to travel to some delicious destinations. It was only necessary to post pictures of some of the exciting things that I tasted. If only there was tastagram...

Salmon Canapes in Copenhagen, Denmark: 

Foie Gras Canapes in Copenhagen, Denmark
 Danish Pastries made by Lagkagehuset in Denmark
 Over-medium Poached Eggs with Handmade Blood Sausage in London, England
 Artisan Chocolates with Trinidadian 85% dark chocolate from R&R 
(Borough's Market, London, England) and
Spanish Feret Sausage with Proscuitto and Walnuts 
courtesy of wonderful friends in London, England