Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Low-cal Mojito: All the Mojo without the Crazy Sugar

Recently, I was asked by a girlfriend to post to her new website, CurvyGirlHealth, that launched not too long ago. Let me tell you, her idea is fantastic: to link curvy women everywhere to share stories, information, perspectives, and more importantly inspiration to embrace and love their body. I am probably not doing the site justice, so you should see for yourself: curvygirlhealth.com

I recently posted a recipe that I use for that low-carb cocktail, to indulge without the belly bulge. It is such a perfect marriage of coconut and mint. I can't say it will help your marriage or that it has aided mine but certainly it can bring me or me+mate out on the patio for a relaxing time.

Check out the full details at http://curvygirlhealth.com/the-low-cal-mojito-all-the-mojo-without-all-the-crazy-sugar/


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